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Foxen’s innovative products and services are created for the benefit of Property Managers, Owners and their Residents

Foxen solves for pressing Industry problems and infuses innovation into antiquated processes

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Seamless Integration

Foxen products fully integrate with your existing property management software

Program Absorption

Our technology provides real-time data and automated enrollment, maximizing program participation without adding property level work

Revenue Generation

At no cost to ownership, Foxen solutions create significant income streams, increasing the value of property assets

Waiver by Foxen

Renters Insurance Compliance

Foxen manages every aspect of renters insurance including streamlined enrollment, compliance, billing and claims.

Automated Enrollment

Renters insurance offering built into lease signing process

Property Level Work Reduction

Property Staff efficiency through removal of renters insurance related tasks

Elimination of Risk

Monitors compliance through API integrations with leading property management software

Rentistry by Foxen

Rent Reporting

Rentistry seamlessly enrolls your Residents and transmits their rental payment history to the leading credit bureaus.

On-Time Rent Payments

Residents are incentivized to make their monthly payments on schedule

Automated Data Transmission

Rent payments are extracted from the Property Manager’s software and submitted to the credit bureaus via our proprietary technology solution

Resident Financial Wellness

Offering rent reporting enables Residents to substantially improve their credit score and overall financial picture

Who We Are

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Foxen provides innovative insurance solutions and financial products to Property Managers, Owners and Residents.


The organization is comprised of technologists and developers, insurance and finance professionals, and property management industry veterans. Foxen leverages its extensive knowledge of real estate to deliver technology driven products that meet the needs of its customers. Our products proudly revolutionize flawed and antiquated processes, while simultaneously creating property level value and financial wellness for Residents.

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