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Foxen Waiver

An alternative to renters insurance that provides protection for both properties and residents in the event of an incident.


We’ve automated the insurance monitoring process, ensuring everyone’s covered.


Does your lease require insurance? It's easy to stay in compliance with the Foxen Waiver.

Automated Enrollment: Renters insurance offering built into lease signing process.

Property Level Work Reduction: Property Staff efficiency through removal of renters insurance related tasks.

Elimination of Risk: Monitors compliance through API integrations with leading property management software.

Rentistry by Foxen®

Rentistry is more than a rent reporting tool. It's a way for renters to build credit and improve their financial wellness — no extra work required.


Generate more on-time rent payments for your properties and enhance the offering to your residents.


Get the credit you deserve for paying your rent on time.

On-time Rent Payments: Residents are incentivized to make their monthly payments on schedule.

Automated Data Transmission: Rent payments are extracted from the Property Manager’s software and submitted to the credit bureaus via our proprietary technology solution.

Resident Financial Wellness: Offering rent reporting enables Residents to substantially improve their credit score and overall financial picture.

Why Foxen

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We're not another vendor, we're your partner.

Mutually Beneficial Products

We deliver solutions that enhance the resident experience and maximize efficiencies for properties.

Built by Property Management Experts

With our leadership team sporting decades of property management experience, we build products that solve pressing industry problems.

World Class Customer Service

We pair human expertise with technological innovation to ensure property and resident needs are met with speed and quality.

Industry-leading Technology

We believe technology should save your property management team time, that's why Foxen automatically integrates with your Property Management Software. Manage compliance in your portfolio efficiently via our online portal.

Create Ancillary Property Income

Partnering with Foxen activates ancillary income streams for your properties.

Enhanced Property Manager Experience

We remove the manual work of tracking renters' insurance and reporting rent, allowing your staff to focus on a better resident experience.

Why Foxen

Experience The Foxen Difference

Operate Intuitively

Manage everything renters’ compliance in your portfolio more efficiently via our online portal and dashboard.

Create More Cash Flow

Maximize portfolio value via our products and programs – at no cost to the property.

Integrate Seamlessly

Automatically integrate Foxen into your existing Property Management Software, so that your team never misses a beat.

You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

For Residents

How do I report an accident that falls under the Foxen Waiver Program?

Foxen requires that you notify your Property Manager within 48 hours if you accidentally cause damage to the Property that may be covered by the Waiver Program.

An Incident Report form has been provided to your Property Manager. They will ask you for certain information about the accident so they can fill out the Incident Report form and submit it for review, including:  

  • Contact information of all the involved parties, including yourself.
  • A description of the incident, including the date/time that it took place, how it occurred, and the type of loss that occurred (fire, smoke, explosion, water discharge/overflow).
  • Pictures and any other available documentation of the damage.

Once the Incident Report is submitted, an adjuster will be in touch with your Property Manager within 24-48 business hours.

As a reminder, the Foxen Waiver applies to certain accidental damage that an enrolled resident negligently causes and where the damage is from fire, smoke, explosions, and water discharge/overflow. For more details on what your Foxen Waiver Program covers, please check your lease and Program Announcement from your Property Manager.

Why is having a good credit score important?

Good or bad, your credit score impacts many parts of your life. Having a high credit score may give you access to more favorable interest rates on private loans, credit cards, and more. Credit scores can affect more than purchases, too. Property Managers and potential employers check credit scores, and student loan interest rates are greatly impacted by credit scores as well.

Why was my policy rejected?

Policies are usually rejected for missing one or more of the following criteria:

  • Resident's insured address, including unit number
  • Foxen PO Box
  • Property Name as "Additional Interest" or "Interested Party" with the Foxen PO Box as the address
  • Policy dates of coverage
  • Minimum liability required by your Property (usually $100,000)

Believe your policy should be approved? Please fill out the "Contact Us" form in detail, or email your request to under the subject line Dispute my Policy's Rejection.

For Properties

How do I access the Foxen Property Portal?

Click "Login" on the top of the website navigation, and select "Property Login" to access the Property portal.

Why will my Property Damage Liability Waiver Program be more successful through Foxen versus other programs in the market?

Foxen was built by property management professionals who understand both the demands on Property Managers and the needs of their Residents. Foxen's streamlined interface eliminates work for the Property Managers while making it easy for Residents to enroll in its program or provide proof of their own insurance.

What types of properties can the Foxen Waiver Program accommodate?

The Foxen Waiver was built to address the needs of multifamily real estate, inclusive of apartment buildings and single-family homes in the conventional, student, and senior housing spaces. 

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