Renters Insurance Compliance

Made Simple

Foxen protects property managers from unnecessary risk. Minimum effort, maximum confidence.

Built by property managers, for property managers, Foxen's proprietary technology simplifies managing and tracking renters insurance compliance.

What is the...


Seamless Integration

Foxen works with your software and automates all manual tasks to manage renters insurance.

Intuitive System

Our proactive, real-time portal monitors insurance compliance and eliminates risk to your portfolio.

Revenue Generation

At no cost to ownership, Foxen maximizes value through a variety of revenue generating programs.

How it works:

Our Waiver Program

Foxen manages every step of the renters insurance compliance process, all through our intuitive, fully automated online portal.

  • Eliminates property level tasks
  • Ensures required insurance coverage through lease term
  • Provides at a glance real time data

Our story

Who We Are

Foxen is a renters insurance compliance company established by property managers and real estate investors. We’ve developed proprietary technology to solve for industry risk management challenges by offering products and services which save your staff time and maximize the value of your properties.

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