Rentistry by Foxen

You Deserve Credit

For decades, renters haven't received credit for their on-time monthly rent payments. We're changing that with Rentistry. When we report your rent payments to leading credit bureaus, you can improve your financial health.

Serving renters at every stage

Signing up, monitoring, and even opting out… it’s all designed with you in mind.

Enroll effortlessly

Whether you are a new or renewing resident, enrollment begins right at lease signing.

Pay your rent

Make your monthly on-time rent payments as normal, Rentistry does the rest.

Track your progress

Access your credit score and credit report through the Foxen Resident Portal, at no additional charge.

You’re always in charge

Easily opt out of Rentistry at any time during your lease term – no matter the reason. Programs vary, refer to your Lease Addendum.


Giving residents what they need most — we set you up for success

Build your credit

Let Rentistry make your sizable monthly rent payments into a credit score builder.

Track your score.

Rentistry allows you to check your credit score and credit report without fees or negative impact.

Financial wellness

A valuable tradeline is established, and residents who pay their rent on time can boost their credit scores.

Have questions? We have the answers.

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Have Questions?
We Have Answers.

From understanding the Foxen Waiver to navigating Rentistry, our Resident Resource Center has answers to all your Foxen-focused questions.

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