A Win-Win for Properties and Residents

For years, renters have missed out on credit for timely housing payments. Now, with Rentistry, we're empowering renters to build and enhance their credit by reporting rent payments to leading Credit Bureaus. Beyond just rent reporting, Rentistry promotes financial wellness for residents while ensuring timely payments for landlords.

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In Action

We've turned paying rent into a mutually beneficial endeavor. Here's how it works:

Rent payment data is collected using PMS integrations.

Rentistry auto-converts and submits data to leading Credit Bureaus.

Payment data is applied to resident profiles, boosting credit scores for on-time payments.

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The benefits are clear for both sides

Get more rent on-time

Rent collection efficiency improves when residents are incentivized to pay on-time.

Create revenue

Rentistry offers the opportunity to generate ancillary property income.

Offer an amenity

67% of renters would choose a property that offers rent reporting over one that doesn't.

Make real impact

Know you're helping your residents boost their financial wellness.

The key to our success

Enroll effortlessly

New and renewing residents enroll via lease signing.

Bill seamlessly

Charges and invoices are handled automatically.

Empowering residents

Residents can easily opt out of Rentistry at any time during their lease term.

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