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Improve Credit Scores

Rentistry seamlessly reports Resident rental payments to the credit bureaus, giving Residents the opportunity to build and improve their credit scores.



Through integration with leading Property Management Software, Rentistry seamlessly enrolls Residents into the program and transmits their payment history to the leading Credit Bureaus.

On-Time Rent Payments

Residents pay their monthly rent on-time

Automated Data Transmission

Rent payment data is seamlessly extracted from Property Management Software and is submitted to the Credit Bureaus via Foxen's proprietary technology

Established Valuable Tradelines

Valuable credit tradelines are created which can positively impact a Residents' credit profiles

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On-Time Rent Payments

With a rent reporting program in place, Residents are encouraged to pay their monthly rent on-time

Enhanced Property Offering

Trusted Credit Bureau data suggests 67% of Renters would choose a property that offers rent reporting over a similar property that does not offer this amenity

Positive Social Impact (ESG)

Rentistry is a response to financial inclusion for Residents, enabling greater economic mobility through the positive benefits of rent reporting

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Resident Benefits

Become Immediately Scorable

After only one month of reporting, previously un-scorable Residents can obtain a credit score

Significant Score Increases

On average, Residents enrolled in a rent reporting program can experience a credit score increase between 26 to 51 points after one year

Improved Financial Wellness

With higher credit scores, Residents are more likely to obtain better financing terms, lower interest rates and more


Credit Visibility Portal

Residents enrolled in Rentistry can access their credit scores, credit reports and credit insights through the Foxen Resident Portal

  • Credit scores are provided monthly without the negative effects of a credit pull
  • Full monthly credit reports are provided at no additional charge
  • In-depth and personalized insights into a Resident’s credit profile

Designed as a


Historically, Renters have been at a significant disadvantage compared to Homeowners. Despite making sizeable and consistent monthly rent payments, Renters experience no positive impact to their credit. So we created Rentistry, a rent reporting and credit building solution to enable financial wellness for Residents through real estate. Rentistry positively impacts Residents through credit score improvements, while creating value for the properties that offer it.

Because Renters Deserve Credit.

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