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What types of properties can the Foxen Waiver Program accommodate?

The program was built to solve for the risk management needs of multifamily real estate inclusive of apartment buildings and single family homes in the conventional, student and senior housing spaces. Foxen can additionally accommodate the risk management needs of condo associations, self storage, office and co-working business lines.

Why will my program be more successful through Foxen versus other programs in the market?

Foxen was built by property management professionals that understand the demands on Property Managers and the needs of their residents. Foxen has developed a dynamic digital interface that eliminates work for the Property Managers and makes it very easy for Residents to enroll in its program or provide their own proof of renters insurance. This results in a more profitable plan (which is owned by the Landlord), a seamless user experience and higher Resident participation rates.

What are the benefits of Foxen versus alternative programs?

Foxen is different from other firms in the industry based on its ability to customize the program to the needs of the Landlord. Additionally, the Landlord will participate in the ownership of its program which enables for added profitability to the Landlord and the properties it owns and manages.  


What is the Liability Waiver Program?

Foxen’s Liability Waiver Program waives a resident’s lease obligation to obtain and maintain liability insurance. The Waiver Program also waives a resident’s obligation to “indemnify” Landlord (i.e., reimburse Landlord) up to the amount of required liability insurance in the residents lease for  accidental property damage caused by the resident  (e.g., damage to unit caused by fire, smoke, explosion, flooding, water discharge or sewer backup). Participation in the Waiver program typically costs $10 to $15 per month depending on the property, which is paid in addition to monthly rent.   

Is the Waiver charge prorated?

Yes, in many cases the Waiver charge is prorated. How the charge will apply to the residents account will be indicated in their lease agreement.   

Can a Resident use their parents’ Homeowner’s policy to satisfy the liability coverage requirement in their lease? 

While homeowner’s insurance policies may differ company to company, in general, a parent’s homeowners’ policy does not include coverage for a student living in off-campus housing (as opposed to on-campus housing, e.g., dorms).  Accordingly, we will not accept a parent’s homeowners’ policy as proof of resident liability insurance, as required by the lease agreement.  However, if an authorized representative from the homeowner’s insurance company provides a Certificate of Insurance showing that the homeowners policy does cover the resident for the stated perils and in the requisite amounts, then we will accept the homeowner’s policy as proof of property liability insurance coverage for the resident.  

Our firm currently uses a different provider to offer and oversee Renters Insurance, how can I transfer to Foxen?

Nearly all of Foxen’s customers moved from an alternative provider and the process is easy. Typically it requires about 30 days and can be done seamlessly without disruption to your Residents. Contact a Foxen representative for more information and a customized transition strategy for your portfolio.

How does a Resident sign up for Foxen?

During the setup phase we will work with the Landlord to integrate lease language which makes it easy for the Resident to select to enroll in Foxen. We’ve found that greater than 70% of Residents choose the Foxen Waiver program instead of a traditional renters insurance policy due to the convenience and ease of enrollment. 

Is this an insurance policy?

No. By enrolling in the resident waiver program, you are eliminating your liability to the landlord for property damage as indicated in your lease agreement. Unlike a conventional renter’s insurance policy, the waiver program does not cover a resident’s personal property loss in most circumstances and it does not cover bodily injury.

How does a resident opt out of the waiver program?

To opt out of the waiver program the resident must provide valid proof of insurance to their Property Manager or by uploading their certificate of insurance directly to Foxen. The certificate of insurance provided must meet the property guidelines as indicated in the lease inclusive of the correct name, resident address, coverage limits and address for notification of changes. Foxen will review your policy upon submission and notify you if the policy does not meet the requirements of your lease. 

What happens if a resident policy is not approved? 

Each policy is reviewed upon submission to ensure it meets the required criteria as indicated in the lease. If a policy is not approved, the resident will be notified and their enrollment in the waiver program will be maintained until the policy is resubmitted and determined to satisfy the lease requirements. This ensures compliance of the renters insurance requirement is maintained regardless of the status of their personal renters insurance policy. 

What happens if you have an approved policy which is cancelled due to non-payment or expiration?

In the event that the Resident’s renters policy coverage lapses, Foxen will notify them of this change and automatically enroll the Resident into its Waiver Program. This will ensure both the Resident and the Landlord that coverage is maintained regardless of the status of the renters insurance policy. If the policy is reinstated, the Resident must resubmit this proof of insurance for review and approval. Upon approval the Resident will be removed from the Waiver Program.


Can Foxen be integrated with the major property management software platforms?

Yes, Foxen integrates with all the major players in the property management industry. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure the integration process is fast and efficient and that the ongoing workflow is seamless between platforms.

Do I have to log into the portal to administrate the waiver program?

No. Foxen integrates with your property management software and does not require you to interface within its portal. While access to the portal can be provided to run reports, Foxen will customize automated reports sent to your email and does not require you to navigate outside of the software you’re already using.


How are claims submitted to Foxen?

Foxen requests that its notified of all claims within 1 business day of the incident. A claims submission link is provided to Property Managers in order to submit the claim along with a description of the incident, contact information of all involved parties and attachments to include pictures and documentation pertinent to the claim.

When damage occurs are there any costs charged to the resident?

Yes. When a claim occurs and waiver coverage applies, the resident is typically responsible for a small processing fee which is usually around $250. The exact amount of the fee is indicated in the resident’s lease agreement.


How much does the program cost?

Residents enroll in the program for a cost which typically runs around $10 per month. The service is free to landlords and can be customized to provide revenue generation to both the property and the management company. 

How does invoicing work?

The property will be issued an invoice on a monthly basis which can be setup on autopay or processed manually. Revenue share distributions are released upon the receipt of all outstanding invoices.

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